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Save Our Rive Trust

Meets on the last Sunday of each month at the Manawatu Hotel, Foxton (unless specified otherwise)
Postal: PO Box 110, Foxton 4814
Contact: Jeremy Manks (06) 368 3036
Mobile: 027 273 3836
(06) 363 5601 or email:

Our prime objective is to reintroduce more water from the main river channel into the Loop. To this end we are gradually making progress towards establishing a new channel from the river into the Loop from just West of the power boat ramp and running north for about 400m to the loop. Being a voluntary group we are finding the resource consent process to be very onerous.

In the meantime, SORT has embarked on ancillary activities such as the establishment of small wet lands between Union Street and the transfer station entry, clearing and killing willows and weeds, fencing off the cattle on Matakarapa Island from the Loop and planting giant flax on the banks of the loop. In the last month some earthworks and drainage done at the end of Union Street including the creation of a small boat harbour (look out for kingfishers sitting on the posts beside the boat harbour!)

SoRT is a Registered Charitable Trust to which donations are eligible for tax credits of 33%.

This page is still under construction.

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