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Flax Stripper

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Located in Main Street at the rear of the Windmill. A photographic display shows the production of carpets and woolpacks from flax. Click below for more details and opening times!

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Horse Drawn Tram

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Located at the Tram Station, Main Street.

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MAVTECH - Audio Visual Museum

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Located in Avenue Road, North end of Main Street. This museum houses one of the most extensive collections of audio and visual equipment. This museum is usually open on Weekend afternoons and may also be booked for private tours.

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Wildlife Foxton Trust

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An educational and tourist centre in Foxton highlighting the local flora and fauna is central to our plans. A series of aquaria, terraria and aviaries will highlight New Zealand native flora and fauna. Our location is just 130 metres off State Highway 1 at 48 Harbour Street, and on the banks of the Foxton Loop.

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Foxton Heated Pools

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Located at Easton Park, Main Street. Contains a 33 metre outdoor pool, 25 metre indoor pool and a toddlers playpool. Children under 8 must be actively supervised by a caregiver 16 years or over.

Open Monday to Friday 6am to 6pm. Sat & Sun 10am to 6pm
Public Holidays 1pm to 6pm

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Te Awahou Riverside Cultural Park

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Located at 92 Main Street, Foxton.

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Museum of Foxton History

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Located in Main Street, on the corner of Avenue Road. Originally the main Court building, it contains documents and articles of Foxton's historic past.


Contact: Tony Hunt (06) 363 6846 |

Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom

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Located at 92 Main Street, Foxton.

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Historical Points Walk

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Town Centre. Main St, Harbour St and environs. You will see signs like this in various parts of the town. They each display a picture and description. Each sign includes a location map - follow these around 28 points of interest.

Manawatu River Loop Reserve

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Harbour Street. The Manawatu River was once the main transport artery for early 1800 settlers. The years of silt build-up has reduced the width and depth, but through the commitment of many people, the river is poised to come alive again. The surrounding land is inundated at Spring Tides and when the Motua Floodway is opened.

Awahou Board Walk

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Located at the Northern end of the River Loop Reserve next to the Awahou Indoor Bowls building, is a boardwalk that has been established for access through some of the riverbanks unique plant life. This boardwalk on the banks of the original Manawatu River Loop is a project of 'Keep Foxton Beautiful', and has been constructed with the help of many local citizens.The walkway continues to provide a pleasant ramble and view of the original Manawatu River adjacent to the old railway line.

Mural View Walk

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The murals are located at the rear of the Windmill and throughout the Town Centre.

Seaview Gardens Reserve

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Seaview Gardens are situated at the southern entry to Main Street, bounded by SH1, Union St and Harbour St. The gardens contain native trees in a hilltop park, with extensive views of the surrounding town and rural areas.

Piriharakeke Walkway

This walk begins beside the Transfer Station, on the corner of Harbour St. & Purcell St. and follows along the Manawatu River Loop to the south, then onto the Moutoa Floodway stopbank then to Whirokino Bridge. Historic signs with photograph and text explain the history of the area.

The walk is 4km long (one way).Allow about 2 hours for the return trip or arrange a 'pick-up' at the Northern end of the Tressle Bridge.

Ocean Beach

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Swimming / Surfing / Fishing. The Beach provides an opportunity for distance walking to Himatangi (10km), or even as far as Tangimoana (19km). Remember - the Beach is a Highway - watch out for traffic.
All ATVS, three and four-wheeled motorcycles must display a number plate and have a current registration.Helmets are compulsory for all motorcycles, quad bikes, ATVS and dune buggies if no seatbelt is worn.

Holben Reserve

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Spanning the Western end of Seabury Avenue this Playground and Picnic Area which incorporates a Skate Park and and Tennis Courts. There is also a walkway through the reclaimed low lying areas which are adjacent to the reserve.

Manawatu Estuary

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Well known and recognised for the large variety of birds which can be easily seen over the 250 ha of land. It is home to rare birds and a good breeding place for native fish. The estuary is a feeding ground for a flock of godwits and knots from Alaska and Siberia. Special events are held close to the equinox each March and October.
Contact Joan Leckie on (06) 368 1277 for details.

Jones' Playground and Lookout Point

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Situated off Seabury Avenue opposite the Service Station, this playground named after local resident 'Llew Jones' provides a safe haven for family groups to enjoy a bit of relaxation and to climb the steps to the Lookout Point. Take in the panoramic view of the Tararua Ranges, Town, Farmland, Forests, River and Sea. The Riverfront Walkway commences here.

Wharf and Launching Ramp

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Accessed from Hartley Street, these facilities are provided and maintained by the members of the Manawatu Marine Boating Club. Charges for the use of the Ramp apply to non-members. Further information is available on the signs displayed. The adjacent Club buildings are also home to the Sailing Club and Manawatu Volunteer Coastguard. Fishing from the wharf is permitted, but all boats have priority. Lines must be drawn when boats are near.

Riverfront Walkway

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Commencing at 'Jones Playground', at the Eastern end of Hartley Street you can enjoy the sight of the River and the Manawatu Heads while venturing along the top of the 'Stop-Bank' and as far as the 'Holben Reserve'. From here you can gain access to, and walk along, the river flats (dependent on the tides), around the point, to the 'Surf Club' parking area. Some suggested walks - circuit commencing at 'Jones Playground / Walkway', Click here for a map of the walkway.

Walkways at Foxton Beach NZ 1.5km : - Jones Park / Hartley St / Linklater Avenue / Seabury Avenue / Jones Park

  • 2.5km: Jones Park / Hartley St / Dawick St / Seabury Avenue / Jones Park
  • 3.5km: Jones Park / Hartley St / Holben Reserve / Seabury Avenue / Jones Park
  • 7km: Jones Park / Hartley St / Holben Reserve / River Flat / Surf Club / Seabury Avenue / Jones Park
  • 4km: River Flats / Beach / Surf Club / Ocean Beach Rd / Holben Parade
  • Radio Foxton

    Located in Avenue Road, North end of Main Street.

    Radio Foxton 105.4FM is Foxtons community station. It is different!

    The station plays a diverse range of music, but with a focus on classic tracks from the 1980s.

    The station aims to deliver that real "Proudly Foxton" flair.

    Radio Foxton is on air 24/7 and features advertisements and free community announcements.

    We are a fully licenced non-profit community station operated by the MAVtech Museum.

    We broadcast from the Coronation Hall and also support community events with live out-of-the-studio broadcasts.

    The station is fully licenced, non-profit, and is operated by the MAVtech Trust.